"Really appreciate your partnership."
--emily d | integrated producer

"You all have remarkable talents in spotting potential, coaxing it to the surface, and in capturing that so it peaks eloquently to others. Additionally, you do it in a way that allows you to like who you see in the mirror each morning , and makes your Moms proud."
--margo weathers | director

"You are a very special person and I remember you as someone who had a spark and incredible gift, brava you are living proof that great character and talent succeeds."
--robert montagnese | EVP Brand Director/L'Oreal

"Ever since we first met whenever I hear your name my immediate response is "I love that Girl!" You have an energy about you, Tiffany, that has always separated you from others. Elegant, kind, funny, smart, insightful. Rock on with your lovely Self!"
--john higgins | EVP

"You and your team are so great! Really the best I've worked with…you always make me look so good. "
--maggie sumner | head art buyer

"Your passion and industry knowledge really come through...."
--david weiswasser | president, platinum rye entertainment

"You will find no bigger fan of serendipity casting than I. tiffany and her incredible team consistently master challenges and exceed our expectations in the quest to deliver the perfect talent for our shoots. On more than one occasion we went to ‘dipity with some “out-there” requests but the ladies neither batted an eye nor judged us. Time after time, I am swept away by how savvy, sophisticated and credible the group members are. I know I can rely on serendipity casting to provide honest, no-BS feedback about our strategy. Most importantly, tiffany is an absolute drama-free pleasure to work with; there is no one else I would turn to for casting services. "
--cameron | director

"I had the opportunity to show some new folks the serendipity skills.... You guys rock!"
--laura | art buyer

"You have officially graduated to my new favorite person! You rule! Thank you so much!!"
--kathy k | senior producer

"Thanks again for all of your help! You delivered a fantastic presentation and were so patient and professional throughout the process."
--maddox | producer

"tiffany (SERENDIPITY CASTING) is one of the casting world's best kept secrets. Her incredible dedication to her craft, and her relentless work ethic ensures a stellar end result. Casting selections are thorough, well-organized and presented in a seamless, client-friendly manner. Whether your budget is big or small, she goes above and beyond to make sure that all projects are impeccably cast."
--audie umali | global creative director, p&g prestige at grey london

"I am glad you did this and found so many good options for us. Yay you"
--fran sheff-mauer | creative director

"Fantastic- you are the go to gal for casting as always! Knew you would be the one."
--thomas puckett | executive creative director

"Have to say using your site as a client is pretty great. So easy to use. Appreciate your help."
--hope st. clair | vp account director

"Just wanted to thank you for the work you have done for us. You and your team are efficient, engaged, and extremely capable. I am very pleased with the output of the past two days and want to thank your team for your dedication to our project. We are very passionate about it and it makes a very positive difference that you share that passion. Thanks again."
--laura helton | kao brands

"taste makers"
--megan | producer

"thank you for your help, understanding, being our mediator and always treasured partner!!!"
--petra and katrin | co-heads of art buying

"YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...you're THE casting directrice of my heart!"
--hannah putz | model

"I think that every time i have a casting with you, i email my agency saying how much i adore you and your team!!!! :) thanks for being amazing!!!"
--ana carmo | model

"serendipity casting is:
✓ detail oriented
✓ brand awareness
✓ organized
✓ knowledgeable
✓ professional
✓ accessible
✓ patient
✓ trustworthy
✓ delivered a great job
--sommer @ the style studio | producer

"serendipity casting pays unparalleled attention to consistent lighting and gives phenomenal direction resulting in really beautiful photographs."
--fernando milani | photographer

"serendipity casting is by far a superior casting service - from start to finish they know how to deliver exactly what the client is looking for."
--sarah silver | photographer

"thank you 4 all your care and integrity you show for our girls!!it makes me feel not so alone..big hug."
--thomas heinz | thomas heinz salon