What Every Producer, Account Person and Creative Should Know about the Casting Process


What Every Producer, Account Person and Creative Should Know about the Casting Process

In this era of shrinking advertising budgets, some producers will want to save money by not hiring a casting director, opting instead to do the casting process themselves. After all, you’ve probably seen headlines of models being discovered and cast in projects through Instagram. This means the casting process should be fairly inexpensive and easy, right?

Not quite.

Would you shoot your project without a photographer, director, hair stylist, makeup stylist, wardrobe stylist, editor or anyone else on the production team? Of course not! Each member of the team is responsible for bringing artistic vision to life and making technical decisions for your project. Why treat casting any differently?

Casting directors in New York are here to make you look good! It’s our job to present you with the best talent for the job. Great casting equips you with the confidence you need to run a successful ad campaign…from the talent portion of your campaign.
What They Didn’t Teach You in Marketing School

Whether you studied marketing as an undergrad, graduate student or while in business school, you probably took classes about branding, public relations, marketing strategy and the basics of advertising.

Casting directors in New York work behind the scenes, so it’s no wonder people don’t really talk about what we do. At the end of the day, our job is to make you (the producer, the account team and the creative) look awesome. Here’s how we do it:

We build interpersonal relationships. Unlike casting through Instagram or reaching out to model agencies yourself, we have enviable relationships with the agents and the models we bring in for a casting. There’s a certain comfort level and trust when a model walks into our studio. My team and I do our best to diffuse any pressure – and that’s a HUGE point of difference between an experienced casting director and a novice! We treat models with kindness. When we let models feel safe; we provide an opportunity for an authentically beautiful casting pic. A stunning casting moment can inspire a Creative to fine tune the art direction. We specialize in creating impactful casting photos.

We give you clarity and can even help shape creative direction. Let’s be honest: there are a lot of balls in the air while producing a national advertising campaign. The pieces might not even come together until the camera begins clicking or rolling. A legitimate casting director in New York will provide clarity by showing you the talent who can perform, especially if the material is challenging. We won’t present you with models who are too expensive or who aren’t the right fit. We’ll present the right models who are within your budget and who are available for the shoot dates. Does your shoot require the model to go through a physical transformation (i.e. cut or color) – don’t worry; we will present you with only models who really feel OK with the transformation. An experienced NYC casting director will thwart any tears on set.
We provide authenticity. The casting process isn’t about us – it’s about letting the models shine…and yes, lighting matters. My team and I light our castings beautifully. Why? Lighting is everything! Great lighting makes models look and feel beautiful. Our casting photos and videos are dynamic. Our sessions give you a glimpse at what the final product will actually look like. We take the time and attention to make your casting look and feel right.

Producing a major ad campaign can be thrilling and nerve wracking and everything in between. There’s incredible pressure. Trying to coordinate all moving parts can feel like herding feral cats.

A casting director in New York is here to help you navigate and eliminate some of those stresses. That’s the power of hiring a casting director: a tastemaker, a great eye, organization, tidiness and beautiful creativity, which cohesively bring your project together.

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We need a model who represents our brand, has the look, the right personality, who fits our campaign, our production schedule and our budget.


Searching for the face of your next campaign can be a tedious DIY task. Although a model may have the right “look,” can s/he deliver? Finding the right talent can be time consuming and costly…particularly if the shoot falls short due to bad casting. Yes, CASTING MATTERS. And that is the significance of hiring an experienced casting director.


Casting directors in New York have one of the largest pools of talent from which to pull. We take the time to select the best caliber models so your brand will have a successful campaign, will maintain its image and reputation within the industry. Wondering how a casting director in New York can benefit your brand? Here we will highlight some of the top benefits experienced casting directors will provide you.


  • Casting directors will find talent that not only looks the part but also delivers. Of course, it is critical that a model has the right look to be on brand, but can s/he perform? The camera is an intimate medium. Advertising productions can be intimidating for industry newcomers and even for some veterans. Yes, casting directors are tastemakers and have a knack for recognizing the ones to watch. But, an experienced casting director in New York also analyzes talent and presents you with a careful selection of models for your specific initiative.
  • In the long term you will save money. Casting directors will find the right model; that’s our job. In the end, we save your production(s) time and money. Union or non-union? Either way, we can help you navigate through tricky SAG-AFTRA union rules. Caliber of model and rates are in direct correlation; we have our finger on the pulse of both. An experienced casting director negotiates and drafts deal memos for your non-union and over-scale productions. Carefully written deal memos clearly define terms, territory, usage, exclusivity, services and a great casting director will even forecast and pre-negotiate additional options…just in case.
  • We will find a model who aligns with your initiative. A seasoned casting director will not cast a model with thin lips for a lipstick campaign. Like a Monet, a model might seem like a good fit from afar, but does she have the right features to sell makeup? Is she symmetrical? How are her lashes? Does she have a hooded brow? These are the type of questions experienced casting directors ask themselves in order to see the big picture. A casting director needs to think micro and
  • You will be presented with rising talent. Casting directors in New York have relationships with agents and know immediately when a new talent hits the scene. We can secure these rising talents for brands early in their careers, which ultimately saves your brand money. Like in the stock market where you aim to buy low and sell high, an experienced casting director helps form a brand’s future by making the right investment at the right time.
  • Casting directors can save your brand’s reputation. Due to the relationships casting directors have with agents, we are capable of protecting a brand from a public relations issue. Your brand cannot risk being associated with a model who does not have a good reputation. Casting directors provide a form of security during the entire casting process.


If you are searching for an experienced casting director in New York, contact us today. Don’t put your brand’s image at risk. We provide the highest quality talent to enhance your brand.